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Sony image sensor FCB E version of the new series CPSE2009 display style

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Sony China Professional Systems Group (hereinafter referred to as "Sony"), as a leader in the field of security, during the CPSE2009 (the 12th China International Community Public Safety Products Fair) held from November 1 to 4, 2009, Booth showed a full range of video security camera products, but also through the digital movement display area and high-definition video image experience area vivid display of Sony's image sensor products, further interpretation of this conference, Sony advocated "innovation. Integration, win-win "spirit, reflecting the Sony in analog and IP digital, video security business and image sensor business and other aspects of the all-round integration.

High-quality images from the core device CCD image sensor components such as movement module products. Sony Image Sensor Division has been committed to the security monitoring, video communications and other fields to provide users with high-quality image quality of the front-end image capture product solutions. So far, Sony in the Chinese market has three image sensor product line, a total of four series of products: color integrated camera module FCB series, communication PTZ camera EVI series, and remote control color video camera BRC series and DXC series. The exhibition, Sony FCB series and BRC series of products for all-round display, attracting a large number of viewers stopped to consult. Especially the new FCB E version 5 series movement module, is to attract the attention of many people in the industry.

As we all know, the Chinese market is still dominated by analog monitoring, but with the continuous development of the market, security monitoring industry is about to usher in the digital age. The Sony FCB-CX105P, FCB-CX995EP, FCB-CX490EP, FCB-CX490EP and FCB-CX48EP, which are designed to meet the fast-growing network camera market Demand is introduced, is the Sony color integrated camera module product line of all-round expansion. This 5 new products in the original FCB C and D version of the product series, based on a number of features to upgrade and expand, 5 models of the movement module are progressive scan, and support the user to use the second development of the digital interface, this Interface to meet the ITU-R BT656 standard, can help the bottom of the camera OEM manufacturers and secondary development of the user real product network, I believe this will greatly promote the domestic security monitoring market from analog to digital development process.

The future, Sony will continue to listen to the voice from the user, continue to strengthen and OEM manufacturers and secondary development of the close contact and communication, relying on the technical advantages in the field of imaging and localization of development strategies, combined with the characteristics of Sony's movement module , Has introduced intelligent and digital movement of the module solutions to meet the needs of users in different fields.

FCB E version of the new features introduced
The new FCB-CX1020P, FCB-CX995EP, FCB-CX985EP, FCB-CX490EP, FCB-CX48EP FCB-CX48EP FCB CX48EP in the original FCB CX series C, D version of the upgrade, The demand for digital monitoring in different areas of users:

    new features

1. IP network to achieve the new function of movement

- "true sense" of the progressive scan
A "true" progressive scan provides a clear image without any screen blur; the choice of scan mode depends on the preferred mode of the system application, and the user can choose either progressive or interlaced mode. Through the progressive scan mode. Users can enjoy the following advantages of performance:

(1) Smoother and cleaner picture without any screen flash (this feature is very useful for viewing specific details when shooting moving objects);
(2) no need to interlaced and progressive scan mode conversion, the network camera system is progressive scan, the user can maintain the original image quality without any conversion;

- Digital output interface

The 5 new products of FCB E series can support the secondary development and use of digital output interface conforming to ITU-R BT656 standard. With this digital output interface, the image quality of user-designed camera video signal will not be affected. Similarly, this interface can be directly connected to the user's video encoder or video system, without the need for intermediate switching equipment, this performance will greatly reduce the cost of the user.

2. Designed for security and support professional features

- Automatic wide dynamic

FCB E version of the series, the "automatic wide dynamic mode" is a newly developed new features. Using this mode, the FCB camera module can monitor brightness differences between images, and automatically adjusts the wide dynamic function on and off depending on the brightness difference.

- Interlaced and progressive wide dynamic

The wide dynamic range is also supported in interlaced and progressive mode. This function is the only one of the same kind of movement module products can support both modes can use wide dynamic function. The user can change according to the environment, free to choose a more appropriate model.

- StableZoom super intelligent zoom lens

FCB E version of the series uses a super-intelligent zoom lens can easily achieve the image of the anti-shake, to the maximum extent possible to ensure that the image is clear and stable.

- Increase the operating ambient temperature range

Operating temperature range can be extended to -5 ℃ - 60 ℃.

    Upgrade feature

1. New white balance mode
Taking into account the environmental aspects of outdoor monitoring applications, the new addition of two new white balance mode. More White Balance modes provide more versatility for more scene shooting.

- Outdoor automatic mode (for dawn or dusk applications)
- Sodium lamp mode (for street lighting applications)

2. AE slow response time extension
AE slow response time from the original 30 seconds to 2 minutes. This feature is effective when lighting conditions suddenly change in the monitoring area. Such as an underground car park or a crossroads, to clearly capture the face of a license plate or driver.

3. Can read the movement of the core temperature
FCB E version of the series, the second development of the user through the VISCA instruction to read out the movement module internal working temperature value; when the need to measure such as dome camera equipment such as its internal temperature, you can read this function through the core Module operating temperature as a reference, and can be used in hot or cold season to determine whether the need to open or close the fan inside the fan or heater

    Self-developed lens

FCB E version of the series in addition to the original FCB product line product features to upgrade and expand, but also FCB-CX995EP, FCB-CX985EP two new movement module corresponding to the use of self-developed new high-end 28 times the lens, the lens Has the following advantages:

1. The amount of light into the larger
FCB E version of this series of lenses in the amount of light can be achieved maximum.

2. Fast response
Variable speed can be achieved less than 2 seconds.

3. More powerful
Focus and zoom motor performance greatly improved, more durable