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Integration of high-definition technology, Sony video conferencing system to help innovation and education of information technology applications

Source:Shenzhen PUAS industrial co., LTD    Author:Admin    Visit:239 2017-02-08 01:16:05
May 12 Beijing Education Information Technology Summit Forum held in Beijing Daoxiang Lake View Hotel. The Ministry of Education and the Beijing Municipal Commission of the letter, the Municipal Education Commission of the relevant information technology leadership, experts, district and all levels of higher education information center, educational equipment, the center attended the forum. As a long-term commitment to service education users of professional audio-visual products manufacturers, Sony China Professional Systems Group also sent representatives to participate in the forum, and 13 in the innovation of education information application sub-forum "Sony video, integrated HD" Keynote Speech.

At the meeting, Li Bin, Product Manager of Sony China Professional Video conferencing Group, introduced the development of Sony Videoconferencing System products and related applications, and briefly introduced the upcoming high-definition video conferencing system PCS-XA55, PCS-XA80 , PCS-XL55.

In recent years, with the increasing demand for high-quality communications, high-definition video conferencing terminal market has increased significantly, the market has shown the development trend of high-definition. As a leader in the field of high-definition imaging, Sony is gradually in the field of broadcasting and other high-definition technology advantages and experience, extended to the field of video conferencing systems. Relying on the field of high-definition imaging technology and product and service advantages, Sony video conferencing system has been widely used in enterprises, government, medical, justice, finance, energy and many other industries, and gradually out of the ordinary conference room, earthquake relief, universities and Scientific research institutes, field research and other special occasions to play an active role for users of these special applications to bring unexpected convenience.

Education industry, as a communication industry, the dependence on advanced communication tools is self-evident. With the trend of technological progress and globalization become more and more obvious, video conferencing products began to play an increasingly important role in the field of education. Especially in the distance education, interactive teaching, global cross-cultural exchanges and other occasions, Sony video conferencing system to create a stable, clear, real communication environment allows users to seamlessly communicate, not only enhance the efficiency of real-time communication , More significant savings due to travel and other time and communication costs.

The future, Sony will also play an active role in the field of HD imaging leading edge technology for the education sector to provide users with more innovative video conferencing products and solutions for the development of education information to contribute their own strength.