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The pursuit of the ultimate clarity, the new generation of standard-definition video conference

Source:Shenzhen PUAS industrial co., LTD    Author:Admin    Visit:258 2017-02-08 01:14:18
The latest version: PUS-D70P uses SONY latest generation FCB-EX48EP movement module, on the basis of the original product performance on the basis of the original performance of the product, the latest version of the PUS-D70P standard video conference camera, , A number of features to upgrade and expand; new version of the PUS-D70P to achieve a progressive scan, high-definition up to 550 TV lines, with the standard definition of the domestic camera 3D noise reduction unique features; through this upgrade, As the video conferencing camera can give users a clearer and more realistic video experience, this camera will be video conferencing, distance learning, business training and forensic applications such as the front-end shooting applications.


● 216 times magnification (18x optical zoom, 12x digital zoom)

● Horizontal resolution: 550 lines, 44 million pixels

● Unique auto-flip technology and 360-degree all-round rotation

● Under the original VISCA protocol 128 presets and 32 address cascade expansion

● VISCA PELCO P / D protocol operation is available

● Exclusive 3D noise reduction function